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Born in El Paso Texas and Raised in

Southern California. From Commerce,

Bell Gardens, Montebello, Los Angeles,

San Gabriel, Ontario, to Pomona. Rob

"ROBNORI" Noriega is steady pushing his Music through it all. 

Rob has been compared to some greats

in the Rap industry including The God

Emcee Rakim with his non-use of

profanity in his rhymes like on songs "Low Key" and "Old Friend" even to Eminem and the late Tupac Shakur.

Mister Noriega has performed with Legends and New Legends and is always ready to begin a new challenge.

Check ROBNORI Social Media regularly for appearances near you. Social Media Links on Home Page of

"Thank you for looking at my site! I always appreciate the Love. Please never be afraid to Say What's Up or come take a flic with Me. Salute!"


It's ROB

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